Marshall Naylor

Philosophy Instructor


Last updated 12/07/23

Anime Instructor

One innovative way I engage students is by using an animated avatar to teach online classes. The aim is to have student think of it as their friendly philosophy guide.  My avatar is like an animated version of me, and I use it to guide students through lessons. Yes, I know it sounds a little goofy but the hope is to create a more personalized and memorable learning experience for my students. I mean, it's hard for students to forget that they were taught philosophy by an anime character. To understand something about the effectiveness of this techique, I survey students. I ask them about how engaged they felt over the semester. Did they find that the novel presentation enhanced their learning? More data is forthcoming. I'll have more to share in the future.

The Great Enough Thesis

In this PhD project, I argue that the Great Enough thesis—the view that God is a great enough being—supports theism in two important ways. One, it helps coherently establish theism. I think that it can serve as a more fundamental thesis when there may be no greatest possible being. Two, as a concept of God on its own, it solves important metaphysical problems in philosophy of religion. The problems I have in mind include: the Modal Problem of Evil, the Problem of Plenitude, the Problem of Divine Moral Freedom, and the Problem of Modal Fatalism.

Maximal God Database

I set up an online repository for peer-reviewed, published research on the Maximal God.  There, you will find book reviews, articles, discussions, and commentary on the Maximal God concept. The Maximal God concept is a view of God endorsed by Yujin Nagasawa,  a philosopher at The University of Birmingham (UK). Nagasawa argues that God has the maximal consistent set of knowledge, power, and beneficence. This concept of God, he says, resolves many philosophical problems for theism. The result of his defense is a novel and rational establishment of the existence of God and theism. Take a look at: MAXIMALGOD.COM

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