Marshall Naylor

Philosophy Instructor

Welcome to my slice of cyberspace! 

Here, you'll discover details about my courses, background, and projects.
In the courses section, you'll find I primarily focus on introductory courses, including Philosophy, Ethics, and Logic. In these courses, I aim to make lessons both engaging and relevant to my students. I use resources such as online lectures, videos, quizzes, and modules on Blackboard and Canvas to guide students through the material.
The CV section outlines my experience. It  highlights my education, experience, service, and certifications. I've got about six years in for teaching, so far.
The projects section shows off some of my other work. It says some about how I create  immersive online teaching videos using  animation. I have a site where I catalog research on the Maximal God. I also have a bit about my own research in philosophy religion concerning the great enough thesis, the view that God may not be a perfect being but a great enough one.

Check 'em out!
Marshall Naylor  
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Marshall Naylor

Northwest Vista College

Visiting Lecturer
Philosophy Department
3535 N. Ellison Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78251
[email protected]

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