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This is where I share my passion for philosophy with you. You'll find everything you need to know about my courses, background, and projects.
My course section has info on my classes. I mainly teach introductory classes. Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Ethics, and Introduction to Logic included. My aim is to make my classes engaging and relatable. That is why I leverage all sorts of resources: online lectures, videos, graphs, quizzes, discussions, and fancy video and sound equipment.

In my CV section, I lay out my experience in the field. I've been lucky enough to study and teach philosophy for about six years now. It's something that's really important to me. I'm always trying to improve. You'll get a complete picture of my education, experience, my service commitments, and my certifications when you check out my CV.
My projects section is where I aim to push the limits of my field as best as I can. I'm constantly exploring and trying new things. I'm excited to share some of those projects with you. Take a look at my approach to creating immersive online teaching resources with animation. I put a link to my collection of references on the Maximal God for those interested. Also, I'm working on a philosophy religion project about God and problem solving. Check 'em out!

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Marshall Naylor  
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Marshall Naylor

Texas A&M University - San Antonio

Communication, History, and Philosophy
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